■ Overview

2BV series water ring vacuum pump is suitable for pumping gas and water vapor; suction pressure can reach 33mbar absolute pressure (97% vacuum). When used as a compressor, its maximum pressure is up to 0.26MPa (absolute pressure). As a new generation of energy-saving products, 2BV series of water ring vacuum pump, with its excellent performance and many advantages, will fully replace SK, 2SK series of water ring vacuum pump with the same performance and W, WY, WL series reciprocating vacuum pump.

(Note: When the water ring vacuum pump works under the suction pressure close to the ultimate vacuum (working fluid saturated vapor pressure) for a long time, cavitation protection tube should be connected to protect the pump.


■ Features:

● Direct connected design, easy to install, easy maintenance.

● Anti-wearing, corrosion resistance. The full range of 2BV series is equipped with stainless steel impeller/plates. High strength, durability, and improved cavitation resistance.

● All imported mechanical seals are used as standard configuration.

● Cavitation resistance, low maintenance cost. It is with optimized fluid structure design, cavitation protection tube interface, which can eliminate the cavitation erosion noise under the condition of maximizing the suction effect, and protect the pump. Unique flexible outlet design will not lead to over-compression, which ensures its best performance.

● All motors are of Y2 series, protection class IP54, IP55 (ordinary IP44), insulation class F (generally B-class insulation).

● Imported bearings of NTN or NSK are used.

● All flexible seals can be made of PTFE, which can greatly extend its working life in harsh conditions.

● Stainless steel materials (304, 316L) or special ones can be chosen according to the corrosion of media; Packing seals and mechanical seals or others can be provided on request.

● If the gas is with flammable and explosive characteristics, you can choose explosion-proof motor. Explosion protection class dIIBT4, motor protection class IP55.

●Mechanical seals are imported ones, material is of fluorine rubber or polytetrafluoroethylene.

● The coaxial design of motor and pump is particularly suitable for plastic machinery, pharmaceutical machinery matching.

■ Applications

2BV series vacuum pumps are used in a wide range of applications such as vacuum filtration, vacuum distillation, vacuum sterilization, extrusion molding, dipping, drying, wood drying, pharmaceutical / laboratory vacuum, soil purification, tank filling, liquid degassing, compressor vacuum Regeneration, food processing, steam recovery, water pumping, water tank replenishment, vacuum packaging, solvent recovery, extraction, leather and so on.

  ■Technical Data

Model No. Rated Power(KW) Max. Suction Capacity Liquid Flow(m3/h) Weight(kg) Noise(dB)
m3/min m3/h
2BV2060 1.1 0.45 27 0.12*/0.20 33 62
2BV2061 1.5 0.86 52 0.12*/0.23 34 65
2BV2070 3 0.33 80 0.15*/0.28 54 66
2BV2071 4 1.83 110 0.25*/0.40 62 72
2BV5110 4 2.75 165 0.45*/0.80 97 63
2BV6110 152
2BV5111 5.5 3.83 230 0.50*/1.00 113 68
2BV6111 204
2BV5121 7.5 4.66 280 0.60*/1.20 144 69
2BV6121 241
2BV5131 11 6.66 400 0.90*/1.80 206 73
2BV6131 325
2BV5161 15 8.33 500 1.20*/2.40 340 74
2BV6161 452
  *The data marked by * is suitable for special processing.
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