■ Overview

2BE1S series water ring vacuum pump is a two-stage single-action one designed based on 2BE1 series. The ultimate pressure of 2BE1 series is 3300Pa; the ideal working pressure range is from 20Kpa to 100Kpa. When the inlet pressure is lower than 20Kpa, pumping capacity declines rapidly and it is with extremely low efficiency by using single stage one. 2BE1S series are designed with two-stage compression process, which will guarantee smooth pumping rate in high vacuum range, or maintain high vacuum at large pumping rate. In high vacuum conditions, its working efficiency is increased by 35% to 40% than that of the single-stage one; energy consumption is also reduced accordingly.

Working Principles:

The working principle of 2BE1S two-stage vacuum pump is the same as that of the 2BE1 single stage one. When the impeller rotates, water ring which is eccentric with the impeller is formed in the cavity; water in between the blades keeps making periodic reciprocating movements, changing the cell volume; pumping, compressing, exhausting are completed with the cooperation of permanent inlet and outlet. The function of two-stage is that the compressed gas exhausted by the first stage is pumped into the second stage and re-exhausted after further compression. The effect of the second stage is to reduce the outlet pressure of the first stage so as to increase its inlet vacuum degree.

■ Characteristics:

● Ultimate pressure can reach 2Kpa, inlet working pressure 5Kpa-20Kpa

● 200-7500m³/h varied specifications to meet different processing needs

● Stainless steel, duplex steel, titanium, Hastelloy and other materials selection

● Reliable impeller locking method

● Mechanical seal at both ends, varied washing options

● Standard anti-cavitation device

● Reliable performance, efficient and energy-saving

● Precision castings, imported bearings, high standard parts

■ Applications

● Perfect design, reasonable structure, reliable performance, especially suitable for vacuum drying, concentration, evaporation, distillation, dehydration, filtration and other processes in the industries of chemical, food, pharmaceutical, textile, electric power, paper, metallurgy, instrument and so on.

● Using as the fore pump of Roots vacuum pump gets ideal effect.

■ Typical applications

• Vacuum evaporation / distillation process for evaporators

Evaporator vacuum system generally requires large suction capacity with the inlet vacuum of 6-10Kpa. Pumping capability of single-stage water ring vacuum pump in this interval is quite weak, while the two-stage one shows its greatest pumping capability. Efficiency is increased by 30% or more with the same energy consumption.

● Atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit on the top of the fine chemical tower

Atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit also requires larger suction capacity at lower vacuum levels. Even to choose the single-stage water ring vacuum pump with a primary air ejector, in the suction pressure of 5kPa-6Kpa, the pumping rate is only 65-70% (max) of that of the 2BE1S pump. Therefore, 2BE1S series water ring vacuum pump is the ideal choice for atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit.

●Power plant steam turbine condenser vacuum device

At present, power plant condenser mainly uses 2BE1 series of water ring vacuum pump combined with atmospheric ejector. The degree of vacuum is increased, but the pumping efficiency is reduced and energy consumption is high. The maximum suction capacity of 2BE1S series two-stage water ring pump can reach 7500m³ / h. With high-quality heat exchanger, gauge and valves, it can meet the requirements of high reliability.

● For roots vacuum pump units

Choosing two-stage water ring pump coupled with high-quality control system for roots vacuum unit is the key to ensure long-term smooth operation. At present, the water ring Roots unit generally uses 2BE1 and 2BV series water ring vacuum pump as the fore one, but there are the problems of Roots pump being overloaded and heated and life shortage. Equipped with 2BE1S series two-stage water ring pump, the unit is able to keep great suction capacity, that is, the outlet pressure of roots pump is reduced and it can be kept working within the allowable pressure range, no overloaded or overheating, so as to keep the unit a safe and reliable running.

■Comparison and selection of two - stage liquid ring pump and single stage one

Two-stage and single-stage water ring vacuum pumps are designed for different operating conditions. From the above curve, it can be seen that the pumping rate of the single-stage one is decreased greatly in the range of high vacuum degree (less than 20000Pa), and it is even less than 30% of the maximum pumping rate at 5000 to 10000Pa. In this case, work efficiency is extremely low and power consumption is much high. But it shows its advantages of large pumping capacity in rough vacuum range. The two-stage one can get larger pumping rate in higher vacuum range, or maintain high vacuum at larger pumping rate. In this case, its efficiency is increased by 35%-40% than that of the single one, energy consumption is decreased accordingly. Therefore, it is only to choose the appropriate vacuum pump according to the working conditions, can it keep economical running.

  ■Technical Data
Model 2BE1S102 2BE1S103 2BE1S152 2BE1S153 2BE1S1202 2BE1S203 2BE1S252 2BE1S253
Ultimate Pressure Kpa 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
Pumping Rate 235 340 465 600 760 1130 1700 2450
Speed rpm 1450 1450 1460 1460 980 980 740 740
Transmission Method Coupler Driving
Power  KW 11 15 18.5 22 30 45 55 75
Water Flow Rate 1.3 1.7 2 2.2 2.4 3.1 5.2 6.2
Inlet & Outlet Diameter mm 50 50 65 65 100 100 125 125
Water Supplying Diameter  G3/4″ G3/4″ G3/4″ G3/4″ G3/4″ G3/4″ G1″ G1″
Weight Kg 350 400 530 560 1040 1340 2010 2500

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