• Regular

    We will regularly keep vacuum pumps and vacuum system with proper maintenance to maintain operating efficiency and reduce the costs,to maximize their running time and performance.

  • Customized

    We will provide you the tailor-made flexible maintenance solutions for your specific requirements.

  • Efficient
    and fast

    We take a simple and efficient after-sales process to ensure fast responses.

  • Smart

    We use intelligent management system to make traceable archive for every product sold out.

  •   Elite team
    Yantai Volm Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. services include established preventive maintenance, malfunction solving support and parts replacing. The replacing projects include pumps replacing, consulting, commissioning and cleaning services.
  •   Regular training
    Our skilled team of engineers regularly attends training courses to grasp the latest knowledge and technology and to serve all systems efficiently.
  •   Original equipment
    We only use original spare parts in all maintenance service to keep its performance not being affected.

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