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The role of the vacuum pump is to remove the gas molecules from the vacuum chamber, reducing gas pressure to get the required vacuum. Generally speaking, there is a wide range from the atmosphere to the very high vacuum, so far there is no vacuum system can cover this range. Therefore, in order to meet different products processing standards, work efficiency and equipment working life requirements, different vacuum systems with suitable specifications shall be chosen under different vacuum sections. For optimum choice, consider the following when selecting:

1. The extreme pressure of the vacuum pump should meet the working pressure of processing. It used to be an order of magnitude lower than that of the processing requirements.

2. Each pump has a certain working pressure range; therefore, the pump should work within this, and cannot let it work beyond the allowable working pressure for a long time.

3. The vacuum pump, under its working pressure, should be able to evacuate all the amount of gas generated in the process.

4. Select the vacuum unit:

(1) When a pump cannot meet the pumping and vacuum requirements, the units of several varied vacuum pumps are needed to meet the process requirements.

(2)Some vacuum pumps cannot work under atmospheric pressure, pre-vacuum will be needed; the outlet pressure of some vacuum pumps is lower than the atmospheric one, fore pump will be needed, therefore, combined units is necessary. The combined one is called vacuum pump unit which can make the vacuum system to get a better degree of vacuum and displacement. Since different vacuum pumps have requirements on the sucked gas, correct choice will be much important. For example: in general, the Roots - rotary vane unit is not applicable to the system containing much condensable gas.

5. When choosing the oil sealed pump, you should consider whether oil pollution will be allowed both in processing and for environment protection. If no oil is allowed, oil-free pumps, such as: water ring pump, cryogenic pumps, will be needed. If there is no strict requirement, you can choose the oil one and take some anti-oil pollution measures, such as cold trap, oil trap, baffle, etc., to achieve clean vacuum conditions.

6. When selecting a vacuum pump, you need to know the gas composition and select the appropriate one, including figuring out whether the gas contains condensable steam, particles of dust, and other corrosive substance and so on. If the gas contains steam, particles, and corrosive gases, you can consider adding auxiliary equipment, such as condenser, dust collector, on the inlet pipe.

7. No-vibration pump can be chosen depends your needs or to take anti-vibration measures.

8. The price of vacuum pumps, operation and maintenance costs.

After analyzing all the various conditions, final solution can be made:

(1) The minimum investment costs.

(2) The minimum production and operating costs.

(3) A feasible solution depends on the rational distribution of the first two cases.

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